Anti Aging Serum


Rich, nourishing and regenerating with borage, rose hip and jojoba oils


This serum is suitable for mature skin. This luxurious serum is to be used under moisturiser or under night cream. It nourishes, regenerates, increases skin elasticity, reduces skin redness, itching and scarring. This comphesively developed serum is packed with vitamins, minerals, nourishing plant oils and antioxidants so your skin looks visibly younger in just few weeks. For maximum benefit just few drops of the Serum shall be used at night for at least three months. Great results guaranteed. The bottle last for 6 months.


Product Description

Ingredients: borage seed oil, carrot infused oil, macadamia oil, rose hip oil, jojoba certified organic oil, pomegranate seed infused certified organic oil, neroli & sandalwood fragrant oils, vitamin E, lavender & rosemary essential oils, Plantaserv S. (Contains nut oils)

External use only.
Keep away from direct heat and light.

anti aging serum