All Your Health Needs in the One Place

Danuta Hulajko 
Master Nat. Sc.
(Warsaw University, 1975)
Dip. Bot .Med., Dip. Nut.

DH – Natural Medicine Clinic is committed to providing exceptional health care service in a welcoming, relaxed, caring and professional manner. Our Clinic’s reputation is based on integrity, quality of service, commitment and a thorough approach to our client’s medical condition. These include of alternative therapies such as herbal medicine, Metatron NLS Health Check, Specialised Test, Theta Healing, Reiki therapy, iridology, and nutritional and dietary advice. This is done in a gentle and non-invasive way with no side effects with use of sound scientific and clinical research of leading Australian herbal and supplements manufacturing companies.

Danuta Hulajko founded the DH – Natural Medicine Clinic in 2000. She uses her multidisciplinary knowledge, experience and scientific diagnostic tools in conjunction with natural medicine.

This includes computerised Specialised  Screening Test , Metatron NLS  and other naturopathic tests. Danuta takes the time to listen to you and understand where the problem may stem from. Then she can prescribe a fully individualised treatment plan for you, to help you live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.  Our Clinic is situated at:

7 Dawson Place,
Menai, NSW 2234.

What is expected at the consultation

The  holistic approach of an alternative medicine is well adopted in my clinic.  This means that a herbalist treats the whole person not a disease. Thus  the herbalist uses the whole plant and not an isolated constituent.  A detailed client case history shall be taken including an assessment  of diet, lifestyle and emotional and other factors influencing patient’s  condition. Subsequently, a diagnosis is made. A herbalist is treating  not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes. This means, that  a herbalist is assisting the patient to remove influencing other factors  in order to attempt to restore health and vitality. According  to practitioner’s assessment, a herbal formula will be dispensed. It  will usually consists of 4-6 herbs given in a liquid form, as liquid  is easily absorbed. If patient has difficulties taking liquid extracts  tables or capsules can be prescribed. Every patient is prescribed an  individual formula which is adjusted at follow-up consultation. If necessary,  nutritional supplements are recommended.

Naturopathic  testing

When  necessary some tests are undertaken at the clinic or patient is referred  to specialised analytical laboratories. There are many tests available,  just to mention only few:

Zinc status It will determine a deficiency of zinc in the body  as zinc is responsible for assisting more processes in the body than  any other mineral.Specialised

Specialised test- Reveals valuable information about the body function, particularly digestive and immune system.

Hair mineral analyses  Indicates the level of the minerals and toxins in the body.

Intestinal permeability test Assisting in the treatment of food allergies and inflammatory bowel disease.

Helicobacter pylori test Common pathogen implicated in gastrointestinal diseases, including stomach ulcers.  

The biggest satisfaction I get is when I see my clients reaching the stage where they are symptom free and they are taking control of their lives again.

Danuta Hulajko, Founder of DH - Natural Medicine Clinic

DH-Natural  Medicine offers the following  programs :

  • Antiaging Program (tailored)
  • 4 months Detox Program
  • 6 weeks Summer Detox Program
  • 12 weeks Stress Less Program
  • 12 months Wellness Program


The following tests are also available*:

  • pH (Acidity) test (free with consultation)
  • Metatron, Nonlinear Analyses System ( NLS) body scanning and treatment
  • Mineral Hair Analyses (  indentifies heavy metals and other mineral  imbalances  in the  body)
  • Urinary Indican Test (Gut toxicity)
  • Zinc test (free with consultation), defines your nutritional  status
  • Matrix detoxification  test ( your health   at cellular level)
  • Terrain test ( shorter version of Matrix detox test)
  • Specialised Screening Test with computerised images and report

Other tests are available if required

 The following product are available;

  •  “Healing  Remedies ” skin range for difficult  skin and muscular conditions
  •  “Vitality ” organic herbal teas to assist  with  various  ailments . To find out more or to purchase  our products please  go to Shop

DH-Natural  Medicine Clinic is using only superior quality herbal extracts, and  tablet and capsules manufactured by the leading Australian manufacturing  companies-practitioners brand only.

These manufacturers  provide each herb with a Certificate of Compliance. This means herbal  products undergo a lot of scrutinising such as macroscopic and microscopic  identification, tests for residue in herbal material, micro-organisms  and toxicological evaluation, contamination with pesticides and herbicides  and finally a chromatography test. The latter ensures that there is  no adulteration of herbs.

If you  would like to make an appointment for a consultation, or would simply  like more information, please contact us on 9541 2428.

At the DH-Natural Medicine Clinic, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our patients. We use numerous modalities to address your physical, emotional, physiological and spiritual imbalances. These are: herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, and homotoxicology, Bach Flowers, Iridology, Specialised Screening Tool,  Metatron NLS  Health Check, Reiki, Theta Healing and ENAR Therapy.

Fees as of 1  February 2017
Appointment type
Cancellation notice required
Initial consultation-1.5h with free iridology, salivary pH and zinc test
2 working days
Follow up  consultation
1  hour
24 Hours
Specialised Screening Tool 1/2h (with computerised report and images)
24 hours
Short consultation-
up to 1/2 hour
24 hours
Metatron (NLS) body scanning and treatment  (latest  model of the Golden Dragon)  1hour (initial session)

Metatron ( NLS) 1 .5 h-complex cases on request

Metatron (NLS) body scanning and treatment 1/2 h (follow up only)








ENAR therapy (prepayed package of 6 sessions
24 hours
ENAR therapy (20 min) per session
24 hours
Reiki healing 1h
24 hours
Theta Healing 1h
24 hours
Report writing for 3rd party $80/h
Ear candling
24 hours


Check list for your initial consultation

□ Your current blood tests if available
□ Your X-ray and report (if available)
□ The actual containers of your medications and supplements you have been currently using. This enables practitioner to assess if these can be used as part of your treatment.
Method of payment:
Consultations are GST exempt and can be paid by EFTPOS, cash, cheque or credit card. A cheque should be made to “DH Natural Medicine Clinic”.
Your prescription.
We dispense enough of your herbal medicine and other supplements to last until the next consultation as formulas can often change during your treatment. 24-hour notice is required when placing your order to ensure adequate preparation time and credit card details are required. If unable to provide credit card details please allow up to 30 minutes preparation time on arrival. Please note we are unable to dispense the same herbal formula for more than 3 months without a consultation, as the herbs may no longer be appropriate to your current health status.
Report  fees  
$80 per hour apply in case of a request by a patient or on his/ her behalf to write  a health assessment /recommendations report for a medical practitioner,  a solicitor, other holistic practitioner, Work Cover  or any establishment such as nursing home for preparation of a report and any necessary research.
Rebates: Most private health funds offer partial rebates for our naturopathic consultations. Rebates do not apply to our healings sessions, naturopathic tests and live blood microscopy. However some integrative medicine GP’s and specialist can refer you to do those tests and some are cover by Medicare.