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DH – Natural Medicine Clinic is committed to providing exceptional health care service in a welcoming, relaxed, caring and professional manner. Our Clinic’s reputation is based on integrity, quality of service, commitment and a thorough approach to our client’s medical condition. These include of alternative therapies such as herbal medicine, Metatron NLS health check, Specialised Screening Tool, Theta Healing, Reiki therapy, iridology, and nutritional and dietary advice. This is done in a gentle and non-invasive way with no side effects with use of sound scientific and clinical research of leading Australian herbal and supplements manufacturing companies.

Danuta Hulajko founded the DH – Natural Medicine Clinic in 2000. She uses her multidisciplinary knowledge, experience and scientific diagnostic tools in conjunction with natural medicine.

This includes computerised Specialised Screening Tool , Metatron NLS Health Check and other naturopathic tests. Danuta takes the time to listen to you and understand where the problem may stem from. Then she can prescribe a fully individualised treatment plan for you, to help you live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

" I had an ultrasound last week, there were no kidney stones anymore, Thank you for saving my kidneys"

− Robert, Sydney (55 years old)

"Just one months of Danuta’s treatment I realised that it is easier for me to walk up the stairs. But my biggest achievement so far; I have walked from my car to Big W and for the first time in 3 years! I am not on; pain killers anymore! I started walking 10 minutes a day I feel very confident that the treatment is working.

− Rhonda, Bangor (46 years old) Chronic hip pain after injury 15 years ago

"Your herbal tonic and the tablets is the best thing I took in 10 years, I have not slept so well in 10 years. I felt immediate relief. Now I get more sleep, before I was controlling myself so I would not suffocate in sleep."

− Male (61 years old) suffering from Chronic Sinusitis for 20 years

"The most improvement was in bowel movement. I have not realised that I was constipated. I have lost 4kg. I used to wake up every hour at night, so I could not comprehend the next morning. The herbal tonic, which Danuta gave me make me really rested at night. My heartburn is 80 % gone. I am starting to taste food better, salads in particular."

− Maria J (53 years old) with chronic fatigue syndrome for 24 years

"Danuta explained to me the concept of the Biocompatibility Hair Analyses and the Wellness Program, which I decided to participate in. Since I have been on the program, my sinuses have cleared up, my depression has become minimal, and my fibromyalgia has significantly improved. The diet has had a positive impact on my overall wellbeing and was the best decision I made. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone whose health is suffering and genuinely wants to feel well again."

− Donna S. (45 years old) Suffered from sinusitis, fibromyalgia, depression


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